How Cyber Security Impacts Small Businesses

Cybercrime is currently the greatest threat to every company in the world. The challenge is that most companies have no idea what a cybercrime is, why someone would target them and how to prevent it. This article should help answer those questions and bring to your attention the imperative nature of cybersecurity. 

What is a cybercrime?

A cybercrime is criminal activity carried out by means of computers or the Internet. Chances are pretty high that you are currently reading this blog while using a computer on the Internet. Don’t freak out just yet, let’s take a look at four cybercrimes that are most likely to happen.


This is a trial-and-error approach to guess a password of an account.  Attackers often try every possible combination of passwords and passphrases until the account has been unlocked.  Once they’ve gained access to the data of a website or personal account, it can be used to shut things down or make fraudulent purchases. 

This cybercrime is when the attacker uses stolen credentials to gain unauthorized access to an account.  Typically, there is automation involved to simplify the process as huge databases containing compromised credentials are used.  Upon success, they can initiate fraudulent transactions or carry out other ill-intended activities.  Most people reuse passwords, often the cyber criminals can then access several other platforms, giving them all types of access.

This is a targeting attack in most cases, where an attacker has conducted research on the victim.  They then send emails from what appears to be a trusted source in an attempt to gain personal information.  The email usually asks you take provide or take a certain action and/or includes an attached file or a link to an illegitimate website with an attempt to have you download malware. 

This is a type of software that is downloaded without you being aware.  The software then steals, encrypts, or deletes sensitive data.  There are times where malware can then replicate and spread across the Internet.  There are different types of malware ranging from ransomware, trojans, adware and bad bots.  All of these contribute to malicious attacks.

Why am I a target?

You’ve likely heard of Nintendo, Twitter, Marriot and Zoom. All of these companies have been victims of cybercrimes. The reason why criminals target small businesses is because they typically don’t have the knowledge or resources to prevent these cybercrimes. Many small businesses think they can’t afford to protect their data or even worse, they don’t think they are a target. The reality is they are easy targets, low hanging fruit if you will.

What data do they want from me?

  • Emails and/or Internet fraud for various accounts. 
  • Your identify to steal. 
  • Financial or customer credit card data. 
  • Cyberextortion, where a demand for money is made to prevent an attack. 
  • Cyberespionage, hackers access government data. 

Cybercrimes typically happen as result of an attacker targeting specific data or using your computers to commit other crimes.

How to prevent cybercrimes.

Employee Training

All employees should be trained on how to prevent cybercrimes.  Those who lack the knowledge or proper security practices are the easiest victims.  

Updated Software

Regardless of the application you’re using, companies often require upgrades to be on the latest version.  This is important in your defense of cybercrimes. 

Security Plan

A documented summary of your security practices, to help ensure the security of your data company wide.

Password Manager

Use a 3rd party password manager.  These tools prevent employees from using the same easy passwords in multiple places.  They are inexpensive and go a long way in your defense efforts.

Outsource Cybersecurity

Managed Service Providers often specialize in helping small businesses improve their security.  Proactively engaging in firewall management, backup and disaster recovery, antivirus software, multi-factor authentication, network monitoring and vulnerability scanning to name a few.  

The real question you want to ask yourself after having read this blog is, why haven’t I already reached out to someone to protect my business? 

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