Are you lucky enough to be growing your business off word of mouth alone? If not, you are like the rest of us that primarily rely on our website to attract new business. Your website is likely the first and maybe only impression a prospect will have with your company. It is also your best employee, requiring a small salary, never getting sick and refusing to take days off. If you have recently wondered if your website needs a refresh, take a look at the list below and see if any of these apply to you. 

  1. Your website looks old.

    If you open your website and it doesn’t give you that “aha” feeling, chances are nobody else likes to look at it either. If your website is 3+ years old and/or someone used a canned template to build it, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. As they say, you can never make another first impression. This absolutely rings true to your prospects, who will determine if your business is legitimate and worth doing business with typically in the first 20 seconds of viewing your website.

  2. Every website should be easy to navigate.

Does your home page clearly state what you do and why someone should work with you? If not, you likely have visitors bounce before they even give you a chance. Your website should be clean and concise, clearly informing new visitors of what you do. The navigation should be ordered left to right based on the services that make you money. Everyone reads top to bottom and left to right, so take advantage of the “money” locations that every visitor will see on your website. Make sure the information you’re sharing is short and to the point, as most people have very short attention spans.

  1. Speed kills.

You know who else hates slow websites besides the people visiting them, the search engines. Google’s algorithm has always taken into account the website speed and penalizes slow loading websites by not ranking them well. Data has shown that 40% of consumers won’t wait more than three seconds before abandoning a slow website. If you’re finding it hard to drive traffic to your website, make sure it loads fast so you don’t get penalized by Google and ignored by potential customers.

  1. Are you mobile friendly?

If you’re like the rest of us, you probably have a cell phone with you the majority of the time. It’s not a coincidence that 50% of all web traffic was viewed on a mobile device in 2020. Your website should be responsive, which is a fancy way of saying your website will automatically adapt to fit the screen size of the device someone is using to view it. If you pick up your cell phone right now and visit your website and don’t get a good experience, you know your website isn’t mobile friendly. That’s a big “no no” in today’s day and age.   

  1. You need a Content Management System.

Can you make changes to your own website? Assuming you had the time of course, Content Management System websites are built in a way that a novice user can easily update content, pictures and pages with ease. If you’re currently being held hostage by your webmaster who requires all website changes go through them, it’s time for you to upgrade. 

  1. Your website doesn’t have strong calls to action.

A call to action is the desired action you want the website visitor to take. It can range from calling you, to filling out a form, to buying now. It’s the action you want your visitor to take once they’ve gathered the information, they need to determine they’d like to learn more about what you do and/or they’re ready to move forward with your services. Your website should have strong calls to action strategically placed throughout your website to engage the user to take that desired action. If 10,000 people visit your website every day and take no follow up action that’s a colossal waste of traffic. You should take a strong look at your calls to action to make sure you’re engaging your visitors to that desired result, which is the purpose of your website.

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