3 Reasons you should outsource your IT

Outsourcing as it relates to IT, refers to using a 3rd party company to manage your businesses IT needs. Most small companies rely on an existing employee with technical knowledge to handle their IT needs. This can be frustrating for both the employee and the business at times. Below we’ll look at three reasons why you should start considering outsourcing your IT needs moving forward.  
1.  You Can Save Money  
Let’s assume you’ve considered hiring an in-house IT resource. Not only do you have to pay an annual salary, but you also likely have some form of benefits package. This can be very costly for this one, yet important need.   

Chances are you are relying on a very technical employee to manage your internal IT needs, but at what cost? This employee likely has a full-time role already, now they are spending time dealing with IT related needs taking away from being fully productive in their primary role. What is the production cost of losing that employees full attention on their primary responsibilities? What about when they recommend the wrong computer, equipment, servers or cloud services? Are you also considering their role is break-fix compared to proactive and preventative maintenance?   
Have you ever sat down and factored in how much time this internal employee spends? Multiple that time by two as they are also not being productive at their primary role. Seems costly when you think about how they are reacting to specific tasks and likely have no experience. For less money and proactive professional services, you can outsource these needs.  

  1. Your Service Will Improve Drastically

Most Managed Service Providers (MSP) offer 24/7/365 service. This typically includes monitoring services to alert the MSP if something goes wrong. That sure beats trying to get ahold of “Timmy the Employee” at 2am to address a cybersecurity hack on your network.   
Outsourcing your IT means you’ll have access to a team of professionals who will look after your company’s needs. Pick the right vendor and they’ll even provide a proactive approach to help you plan, coordinate and budget any changes to your business to avoid any last-minute fire drills you’re likely used to.   
3. Adapt Easily To Changes  
Let’s be honest, technology is constantly changing, and you don’t have time to keep up. Services like email, firewalls, cloud solutions, remote access or cybersecurity constantly evolve and change. Not to mention, your business changes employees and applications over time. Outsourcing to an MSP who’s 100% focused on this side of your business will help make selecting the right tools and services a breeze. They will educate you and help you select the right solutions at affordable prices. These are the types of things you stress where an MSP can bring a much-needed peace of mind, while you focus on growing and managing productivity.   

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