Have you been with your current IT provider for years? Maybe you’ve recently hired a company and aren’t sure if they are making the correct decisions for your business. Either way, your Managed Service Provider (MSP) should be a partner you can trust.

Below is a check list of crucial items you should be evaluating to determine if you have the right MSP or if it’s time to move on. 

Is your MSP proactive or reactive?

A MSP should no longer be working off a break/fix mentality. They should have monitoring tools in place on your network to ensure they can anticipate issues before they become a problem and are able to react quickly if a problem does arise.

Does your MSP provide you with consultation?

A good MSP will provide advice and consultation on technology related to your business outside of telling you when to buy new hardware. An experienced MSP with insight into your business vertical should be sharing what has and hasn’t worked with similar companies in the same industry. This knowledge can be crucial to helping your business grow and avoid reinventing the wheel that others have already failed at. You should be looking for an MSP who can advise you on technology that will support your business goals for growth.

Is your MSP holding up to their end of the bargain?

During the sales cycle you were likely impressed by the promises of a better partnership and experience. Were they really good at selling you but not so good at delivering on their promises? If so, it’s time you move on and get what you’re paying for.

How good is their customer service?

Are you experiencing long wait times when you call? Do they follow up when they say they will and provide resolution to your tickets? If the day to day help desk service is lack luster, it’s surely time to move on to another vendor who prioritizes their clients. 

Is your MSP a trusted vendor?

Do you seek out your MSP for advice? When they give you recommendations, does it feel like your businesses best interest is at the forefront? If not, chances are they only care about cross-selling and up-selling stuff you don’t really need to meet their sales goals. 

If these questions have made you feel uncomfortable with your current MSP, let PCG Systems help you with your IT service needs.  We’ll evaluate your current IT strategy and review your business goals to ensure there is alignment. It’s not hard to change your MSP, stop throwing money away and start getting the service you deserve.